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We wish to thank the many garden visitors who make the hard work of keeping the garden looking beautiful worthwhile. More than a few came some distance just to experience the beauty of thousands of daylilies in bloom. 2018 was a great year with record-breaking visitation. One of the things that made 2018 so special was a great article featuring Grace Gardens that appeared in Life in Finger Lakes magazineís May-June issue. The article was written by a freelance garden writer who chose Grace Gardens as his subject. It was instrumental in directing several new garden visitors and, as you know from experience, visitors soon become friends.

Garden annual open house day for 2019 will be Saturday July 13 with a rain date the following day.

The bloom season started out with near desert-like conditions. Our brand new irrigation pump failed in its first 2 hours of use. It took two weeks for the required part to come, seemingly by slow mule train, from California. All that while, we watched drought-stressed daylilies suffer. Then, just before open-house day, the monsoon season started busting the usual August dry season with downpours which, off and on, didnít stop until nearly frost time. But the appearance of rain just before open house gave us one of the most vibrant periods of colorful blooms we have experienced in mid-summer.

Those of you visiting the garden will find Tom and Kathy's intros planted in bed 2 and perhaps in adjacent bed 6 by the gazebo. Kathy's are on the east side and Tom's on the west. This will allow visitors to observe all their intros in one place.

Kathy specializes in miniatures, patterned eyes and double daylilies. Kathy is registering a number of daylilies this year. They are displayed on her 2019 intro page. Names will be added when confirmed by the AHS Registrar. Tom's main specialty is to lengthen the bloom season with extra early and very late blooming daylilies. Tom registered Seneca Rose Princess this year which has a wonderful pink mid-to-late season bloom.

Grace Gardens has not used any super special means to get daylilies to look good. The daylilies are planted in heavy clay soils somewhat amended as material becomes available. Daylily divisions from Grace Gardens have a reputation of transplanting and performing well.

About honey bees. Honey bees are in decline all over the world. We lost 6 out of 9 colonies late 2016-2017 winter. At this writing in mid-January, Tom still has three live colonies and plans to split them early May. Chemical spraying in orchards and the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on field crops are night mares for bee keepers. While these chemicals do not seem to attack honey bees outright, it is believed by some researchers, to weaken their ability to fend off diseases made possible by predatory insects such as the varroa mite.

The way the on-line catalog is set up is laborious. Our customers have asked us not to change its format. Tom set the narrow width of the catalog pages so that those so inclined may print them out as many have.

Tom and Kathy continue to get invites to show power point programs featuring their garden and garden experiences. They have presented from Chattanooga, Toronto, Louisville, Buffalo, Albany, Boston, to Halifax as well as many local garden clubs. This fall, they have been invited to share with good folks of the Long Island Daylily Society.

Please note that some cultivars are listed as sold out or display. In some cases they may have increased to the point where a fan or two may be obtained- we have to go look in each case. If a daylily is no longer available, that means it is no longer in the garden. All daylily images on this web site are free for you to use. Credit is appreciated.

Last fall at its annual banquet, Tom was elected a chairperson of the Finger Lakes Daylily Society, a group he and Kathy started 21 years ago and is still going strong.

A short word about local wineries. There are now seven within two miles of the garden. Boutique breweries and a few distilleries continue to pop up nearby as well. Penn Yan now has three motels in town as well as several new ones in Geneva to help accommodate this tourist traffic. Not every visitor to our central Finger Lakes region wants to spend a day or two bending elbows over tasting counters. On our web contents page, you will find links to overnight accommodations, places to eat, and other things to do while visiting the Finger Lakes.

Grace Gardens offers a wonderful place to visit, relax in the shade, have a picnic lunch while visiting with Tom and Kathy when they are not busy digging plants for people who want a few to take home. Free bottled water is always available and Fox Run Winery next door has graciously offered their rest room facilities to our garden visitors. Dogs are not allowed in the garden but there are shaded areas where they can wait while their owners walk the gardens.

No one knows what 2019 will bring. However, daylilies have rarely been a disappointment. From expectant opening of older cultivars to the excitement of seeing a seedlingís first bloom, the garden is an ever changing scene. Tom and Kathy manage the garden with love and anticipation of what each new day will bring and who the visitors will be, especially regular visitors who come every year. If Grace Rood, Tomís mother could return for even a short visit, she would be blown away by what her son and daughter-in-law have accomplished with her favorite flower. The garden lives on under her legacy.

Please stop by for a visit this bloom season.

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